Sunglasses for Charity

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Some revolutions are not begun with a bang or a shout. Some revolutions quietly appeal to the senses, the intellect and even the soul. They are born out of constant thought and intense passion to effect change and to drive progress. It is with this mindset, that Kaenon Polarized was born.

In 2001, brothers, Steve and Darren Rosenberg noticed that polarized eyewear as the world knew it had serious shortcomings in all available materials. They saw through the fancy names and marketing spin

of the leading eyewear brands and realized that polarized eyewear could be pushed to a level never before seen. With their entrepreneurial drive and passion to evolve the world optically, they set out to create a new polarized lens material that would enable their customers to experience clarity and polarization like never before.

EGF wishes to thank Ava’s Friend, Alan Burt and Kaenon Polarized for sponsoring the VIP reception at Eddie’s annual Poker Tournament. We hope to see you at our next event.

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