Recent Grant Recipients

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“Nothing can ever be said to thank you enough for the grant given by ACT Today! for Bryce’s continuing ABA therapy.  He is a loving, intelligent, and worthy little boy who has a bright future ahead of him – his mommy and daddy are stopping at nothing to make sure of it! Since beginning ABA last March, he has found his voice, making all sounds he had lost; many new words are on the way.  In fact, I heard him address me as “mam” for the very first time just a few weeks ago. While most parents take something so simple for granted, it was a moment of pride and joy and hope for us. Thank you for allowing Bryce’s journey toward recovery to continue moving forward!”


“In October ACT Today! awarded my son Colton a grant to help pay for his treatment at Walden Early Childhood Center.  Colton is doing extremely well at Walden and we could not be happier.  He talks more every day.  He is happy and has a mischievous little sense of humor.  He is even working on potty training!!!  When Colton was diagnosed we were in a terrifying financial situation.  We had no idea what we were going to do to help our little boy; it just looked so hopeless. He has come so far and is thriving in every possible way. So things are improving slowly but surely.  We still cannot even come close to being able to pay for Colton’s school but we have faith God will continue to provide resources like ACT Today! to help us along our journey.  Thanks so much for being a part of Colton’s future and for the hope receiving your grant gave our family.”


“First of all, I want to thank you for the grant for Occupational Therapy, as we are still trying our best to get Sam as much therapy as we can. The therapy is so expensive, but truly life giving. Sam started from age 2 ½ not being able to speak at all, not even able to point, to constantly asking questions! Thanks to much Occupational Therapy, Sam is now able to tolerate socks, shoes, long pants, long sleeves, jackets and haircuts without much fuss, progressing handwriting skills, and hand strength!! THESE are the things therapy can do, and so much more, so whenever we have someone that offers to help, we are so grateful. We have come so far, but still have much to develop and learn!! Sam is learning how to relate and play with his peers, along with increasing his pragmatic language skills and still working on motor coordination that someday he will learn how to swim and ride a bike with his brother. With help like yours, Sam will be able to achieve this, and much much more!!  We are truly thankful.”


“In January 2011, Griffin was taken to an autism specialist in Carmel, IN who diagnosed Griffin with Asperger’s Syndrome. At that point, things started to turn around. He was taken off most all of his medications and I started him on supplements. We placed him in a school that has an autism specialist on staff and has an excellent support group. Since this school is not in our district we are required to pay tuition. Financially, it was going to be very difficult for us. My husband began searching for grants and other resources to help keep Griffin in his new school. He discovered ACT Today! online and we applied for a grant. We were overjoyed to hear that we would be receiving a grant for Griffin’s tuition. Knowing that financial burden is not on our shoulders any longer is a great blessing. Griffin is currently doing very well in school academically, and socially. He is going to occupational and speech therapy weekly and is progressing very well. We are still faced with challenges and frustrations that come with autism, but we know that the right people have been placed in our path for a reason and Griffin is benefitting from this experience tremendously. We are so thankful for organizations like ACT Today! who are willing to help families with autistic children.”