Our Mission

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The Eddie Guardado Foundation (EGF) is a non profit charitable organization dedicated to helping children with autism and their families. Funds donated to EGF will be used to address any and all kinds of issues relating to the disorder. 

The Foundation raises money to make grants to parents for the medical, psychological, and social services that are required to properly care for their children, as well as for the legal and other types of services that are necessary to advocate on behalf of those affected by autism who cannot fight for their own rights. 

The Foundation is named after Eddie Guardado, a major league baseball player whose daughter has autism, and is headed by Eddie’s wife, Lisa Guardado. 

Currently, Autism strikes 1 in 150 children. It is more common than Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis or Childhood Cancer. There is no prevention or cure yet. Tragically, it is also one of the least funded areas of medical research, leaving many families unable to cope. 

However, research indicates that early intervention can result in significant improvement for these children. With intensive sensory, behavioral and speech therapy, a child with autism will have the chance to enjoy a better life.

Through the day-to-day efforts of the EGF, we will strive to help as many affected families as possible get access to these proven therapies through education, information, and financial support.